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Online Food Ordering System in PHP MySQL with Source Code

The Online Food Ordering System is Develop in PHP MySQL database, using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Modal, and Bootstrap. This system Contains of admin to control the data entry like order from online, the admin also can manage update, delete, Edit, and add new user,

Admin dashboard

Orders, Menu, List of Category, Users, Site Settings.


ID Number, Name, Address, Email, Mobile Number, Status, View Order.


Menu Form, Menu Name, Menu Description, Category, Price, Image, Room, Edit, Delete.

List of Category

Category Form, ID Number, Edit, Delete.


ID Number, Name, Username, Edti, Delete. And Add New User,

Site Settings

System Name, Email, Contact Number, and About Content.


Online Food Ordering System

Name of Project:     Online Food Ordering System

Language Used:      PHP

Database Used:      My SQL

Design Interface:    Bootstrap JavaScript, HTML, Ajax, JQuery,

Browser:                  Opera Mozilla Google Chrome IE8,

Software:                 WAMP/ XAMPP/ LAMP/MAMP

About System


How to setup this project

Step 1st. Download xampp

Step 2nd. Text editor notepad++ or Sublime

Step 3rd. Download the zip file/ Download winrar

Step 4th. Extract the file and copy “Online_Food_Ordering_System” folder

Step 5th. Paste inside root directory/ where you install xampp local disk C: drive D: drive E: paste: for xampp/htdocs,

Step 6th. Open PHPMyAdmin and go http://localhost/phpmyadmin

Step 7th. Create database name fos_db

Step 8th. Import fos_db.sql file given inside the zip package in SQL file folder

Step 9th. Run the script http://localhost/Online_Food_Ordering_System

Step 10th. Password: (((Username: admin / Password: admin123)))


System Images


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Unknown said…
Why cant I download the source code
1 Source Code said…
already fix, just click download button auto download in 15 seconds
Suporte said…
não consigo acessa o logim e senha da como incorreto mesmo estando tudo certo no servidor também não consigo criar um logim de cliente para efetuar pedido o que poderia ser isso
Unknown said…
Can I use it as my college project
Unknown said…
hey! amazing work but I had a problem, the login wouldn't direct to the index, it just reloads itself when I try to log in. couldn't access the administrator space .
Anonymous said…
Consigo colocar esse sistema em uma hospedagem, tipo o hostgator?
laxuspro said…
files in video does not match downloaded files
ANIL said…
Hello Sir,First of all i want to thank you for this project.admin login and user login not working pls reply asap
Unknown said…
I am getting fatal error, when I run the whole project
Shamin Rockz said…
the delete button in cart is not working
Ahmedul said…
CSS & image file does not work in live server
Prajwal said…
Admin and admin123
Are not working at username and password for online food order system