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Loan Management System in PHP MySQL with Source Code

The Loan Management System is simple web application and friendly user, develop in in PHP MySQL, using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Modal, Ajax, and Bootstrap. This system it contains of admin to manage data entry, the admin can add staff to monitor application, delete update, check loan interest, and check loan types.

Admin Dashboard

Loan, Payment, Borrowers, Loans Plans, Loan Type, User.


Payment Today, View Payments, Borrowers, View Borrowers, Active Loans, View Loan List, Total Receivable, View Loan List.


Loan List, Show Entries, Search, Number Entry, Borrower, Loan Details, Next Payment Details, Status, and Create New Application.


List Payment, Number of Entry, Loan Reference Number, Payee, Amount, Penalty, New Payment, Edit, Delete, Show Entries, and Search.


Borrower List, Number of Entry, Borrower, Current Loan, Next Payment Schedule, New Borrower, Edit, Delete, Show Entries, and Search.

Loans Plans

Plan’ Form, Interest, Monthly Overdue Penalty, Show Data of Entries.

Loan Types

Loan Form, Type Name, Description, Number Entry, Loan Type, Edit, and Delet.


Name, Number of Entries, Username, Edit, Delete, and Add New User.

Loa Management System

  • Name of Project:     Loan Management System
  • Language Used:      PHP
  • Database Used:      My SQL
  • Design Interface:    Bootstrap JavaScript, HTML, Ajax, JQuery,
  • Browser:                  Opera Mozilla Google Chrome IE8,
  • Software:                 WAMP/ XAMPP/ LAMP/MAMP

About System


How to setup this project

Step 1st. Download xampp

Step 2nd. Text editor notepad++ or Sublime

Step 3rd. Download the zip file/ Download winrar

Step 4th. Extract the file and copy “Loan_Management_System” folder

Step 5th. Paste inside root directory/ where you install xampp local disk C: drive D: drive E: paste: for xampp/htdocs,

Step 6th. Open PHPMyAdmin http://localhost/phpmyadmin

Step 7th. Create database name loan_db

Step 8th. Import loan_db.sql file given inside the zip package in SQL file folder

Step 9th. Run the script http://localhost/ Loan_Management_System  

Step 10th. Password: Username: admin / Password: admin123


System Images


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how to get source codes??
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I can't submit the pop-up form, it loads without stopping